Assurance and advisory

We are proud of our achievements and of the large numbers of clients that continue to place their trust in us.

Our clients win technical awards for presentation of their financial statements each year. But we are not complacent about this.

Our staff are key participants in technical committees of the Institutes of Certified Public Accountants in the region and have been instrumental in the development of technical materials including illustrative templates for IFRS compliance.

They have also participated in various other committees responsible for taxation, banking and auditing..

Why Seama in uganda is the best choice for you?

  • Our assurance and advisory team provides an expert service to many different organizations, both in the private and public sectors. Our clients range from small owner-managed businesses to listed companies, partnerships, charities, donors . we cover a broad spectrum of industries and sectors..
  • We continue to invest in training for our people in a range of disciplines from computer assurance through forensics, money laundering, business strategy, communication and team building among others. We have extensive manager and partner development programmes. .
  • It helps in establishing deep connections and cross cultural relations.
  • Makes you stand out on the job market.