About us

Seama International consults Ltd was established with the aim to provide quality services under one roof, at both Corporate and Individual level considering the need.

Our objectives

  • To provide excellent event and conference management services at affordable rates.
  • To help the nation understand that a Degree with knowledge of another language is always an added advantage.
  • To help authorities increase communication network where other languages apart from English are used and while promoting tourism and culture through languages.
  • To bridge the communication gap through translation and interpretation services.
  • To make job seekers deal with the multiple barriers and be able to work anywhere in the world, thereby reducing unemployment in the country.
  • To carry out the business of coordinating and linking different countries by translating local and international languages for both individuals, companies, organizations and governments among other sectors
  • To provide additional out-of-class resources for language practice.
  • To provide services in education sector ranging from adult to language education.
  • To act as agents for companies outside Uganda with the same objectives as ours so as to have their products and services available on the Ugandan market

Application day

  Monday (8.00am-5am) - friday (8.00am -5pm)

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