Document Translation

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The use of documents in today's society is a fundamental element of our communication system. Without documentation, soft or hard copies, our society would not work properly and could not advance as a civilization..

We have translated all types of documents including but not limited to contracts, correspondence, medical reports, brochures, certificates, court rulings, technical manuals, emails, educational materials, legal filings, website texts, books, advertisements, public notices, licenses, blogs, , divorces decrees, birth and death certificates, transcripts, diplomas, degrees, exams, thesis, pharmaceutical materials, news feeds and magazines.

Editing Services

  • We provide proofreading and editing services for students, authors, faculty members, businessmen, government professionals and any person who needs a flawless written document.
  • Proofreading a professional document is the most important step to ensure its accuracy. Even the smallest error in a document can lead to miscommunication and have a negative impact on one's reputation. Remember, whether you are constrained by time or language, our editing experts will help you communicate professionally with the world accurately and timely.

Why choose us

Proficient as native and bilingual speakers..

Qualified in the field to meet the specific demands of your project.

Well-versed in the latest translation technology to ensure consistent translations.

Seama International consults Ltd  has experience in providing cost-effective, professional, 100% human translation at machine speed. With 24/7 availability, native translators & super responsive customer support, we provide a proficient translation & localization platform.

  • Seama Team Goes to Work

    Your document will be translated by a highly trained professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language..We provides a full range of translation services to companies worldwide.
    We specialize in high-quality document translation services in a wide range of industries.

  • Receive Your Translation

    We employ a system of review and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy. Then, once the translation is complete, it is sent to you via email..

  • Intergrity:

    Our translators are professional and well trained to provide accurate document translation.

    Well-versed in the latest translation technology to ensure consistent translations. .

  • Human Resource Consultancy

    We are able to guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation services in each of these various fields by ensuring every document translation is assigned to the most appropriate members of our specialised team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors