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Video Remote Interpretation Services

Video Remote Interpretation Services

Video Remote Interpretation Services

Professional Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI), Just A Click Away

Engage and communicate visually with your audience, customers, and clients in any language of your choice.

We Respect Your Data Privacy And Security

Our video remote interpretation services are backed by the best security protocols and processes.

Complete Data Confidentiality


Convenient and affordable
face-to-face interaction as opposed to on-site interpretation.

Most used in conferences, meetings, and large gatherings when a speaker addresses an audience, delivering a few sentences and then pausing to allow the interpreter to repeat the sentences in a different language.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The speaker delivers a message in one language while the interpreter simultaneously delivers it in the target language without any stops or pauses. This mode is widely used in formal settings like diplomatic meetings and conventions.

Our Other Interpretation Services

Over-the-phone Interpretation 

Whether it’s interpreting for a deposition or for an interview, our interpreters are available to you on-call 24/7 – fully equipped with the necessary devices.

In-person Interpretation (IPI)

In-person interpretation services for communicating sensitive information and building trust with body language cues and face-to-face interactions.

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